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Reindex Elasticsearch With Logstash

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Sometimes, you would like to reindex your data to change your mapping or to change your index settings or to move from one server to another or to one cluster to another (think about multiple data centers for example).

For the later you can use Snapshot and Restore feature but if you need to change any index settings, you need something else.

With Logstash 1.5.0, you can now do it super easily using elasticsearch input and elasticsearch output.

Let’s do it!

Devoxx France 2015

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I gave recently a talk at Devoxx France 2015 with Colin Surprenant and I’d like to share here some of the examples we used for the talk.

The talk was about “what my data look like?”.

We said that our manager was asking us to answer some questions:

  • who are our customers?
  • how do they use our services?
  • what do they think about us on Twitter?

Using Log4J2 With Hibernate 4

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I was trying to use Hibernate 4.3.8.Final with Log4J2 and I spent some hours to find why Hibernate was not using Log4J2 though it was declared in my pom.xml file.

Actually, I hit issue JBLOGGING-107.

The workaround is simply to add a more recent jboss-logging dependency than the one shipped by default with Hibernate 4.3.8.Final.

pom.xml file

Il était Une Fois : Un Conte De Fées élastique !

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Il était une fois…

En fait, il y a 2 ans, je cherchais un moyen pour distribuer Hibernate search sur plusieurs noeuds. Ma première idée était de stocker les index dans une base de données partagée par les différents noeuds. Oui ! Il s’agit d’une idée stupide en terme de performances, mais j’avais envie d’essayer et de construire ce modèle.

Après avoir cherché du code source, je suis finalement tombé sur la classe JdbcDirectory du projet Compass. Et sur la page d’accueil du projet, j’aperçois quelque chose qui parle du future de Compass et d’Elasticsearch.

Once Upon a Time…

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Once upon a time…

In fact 2 years ago, I was looking for a way to make Hibernate search distributed on multiple nodes. My first idea was to store indexes in a single database shared by my nodes. Yes, it’s a stupid idea in term of performances but I would like to try to build it.

Digging for source code, I came to the JdbcDirectory class from the compass project. And I saw on the compass front page something talking about the future of Compass and Elasticsearch.