Advanced search for your Legacy application

I gave recently a talk at Voxxed Istanbul 2015 and I’d like to share here the story of this talk. The talk was about adding a real search engine for your legacy application. Here “legacy” means an application which is still using SQL statements to execute search requests. Our current CRM application can visualize our customers. Each person is represented as a Person bean and have some properties like name, dateOfBirth, children, country, city and some metrics related to the number of clicks each person did on the car or food buttons on our mobile application (center of interests that is).
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Devoxx France 2015

I gave recently a talk at Devoxx France 2015 with Colin Surprenant and I’d like to share here some of the examples we used for the talk. The talk was about “what my data look like?”. We said that our manager was asking us to answer some questions: who are our customers? how do they use our services? what do they think about us on Twitter? Our CRM database So we have a PostgreSQL database containing our data.
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Mon talk sur Elasticsearch sélectionné pour Devoxx France

Bonjour, C’est avec une certaine émotion et fierté que j’ai appris samedi dernier la sélection de mon talk sur Elasticsearch à Devoxx France. Devoxx France est une conférence organisée du 18 au 20 avril 2012 à Paris, pour les Développeurs. Y faire parti au milieu de talents incroyables est vraiment un honneur. Je suis d’autant plus comblé que je vais pouvoir parler du sujet qui me passionne depuis maintenant 1 an : Elasticsearch. A l’origine, Shay Banon devait venir lui-même nous parler de l’analyse des données avec les facettes Elasticsearch, mais il ne pourra malheureusement pas être présent.
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