Elasticsearch real integration tests

Integration tests… How do you run them? Often, you are tempted to run services you want to test from JUnit for example. In elasticsearch, you can extend ESIntegTestCase class which will start a cluster of a given number of nodes. public class BanoPluginIntegrationTest extends ESIntegTestCase { public void testPluginIsLoaded() throws Exception { // Your code here } } But to be honest, the test you are running does not guarantee that you will have the same result in production.

Creating an Ingest plugin for elasticsearch

This blog post is part of a series which will teach you: How to write a plugin for elasticsearch 5.0 using Maven. How to write an ingest plugin for elasticsearch 5.0 (what you are reading now). How I wrote the ingest-bano plugin which will be hopefully released soonish. Today, we will focus on writing an Ingest plugin for elasticsearch. Hey! Wait! You wrote Ingest? What is that? Ingest is a new feature coming in elasticsearch 5.